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january 2020

a cloudless azur blue sky, the sun casting an orange glow upon the undulating land, even in the midst of winter. hairpin after hairpin bend in the road leads you lakeside to a twinkling blue oasis, upon which the sun is so bright a mist has formed above the water, making the mountains behind almost invisible. soft ripples upon the waters surface reflect a sensation of heat even in sub zero temperatures.

the light shines golden upon everything it touches, but it more than light, for even with eyes closed it feels exactly as it looks. still, perfect, a land frozen in a timeless sense of what it is to be in the mediterranean.

small towns rising high up on the hillside, each house painted vibrant shades of ochre to terracotta, rose pink to crimson. as if each is chosen to match the sky at sunset. and as that sun sets, soft pink clouds gather above the mountains, the mist now evaporated in the cool air. the mountains form looming dark shadows contrasting the rainbow of yellow, pink, orange and blue illuminating the sky.

first to appear in the sky is jupiter, a lone yet huge glimmering beacon, followed by the iridescent glow of the moon as it peaks in and out of the clouds. perfect reflections in the still water, punctuated by geese and ducks floating peacefully, and the odd boat, gliding seamlessly, barely breaking the water.

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