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caramel arctic softshell

- 3 layer laminate

- windproof - waterproof - breathable - 91 % polyester, 3 % spandex, 6 % TPU

width: approx. 145 cm weight: approx. 330 gr/m²

nanotex climate membrane softshell

- 90% PES, 2% spandex, 8% thermoplastic polyurethane membrane - 3-layers (microfibre - climate membrane - smooth jersey) - very good values in waterproofness, windproofness, breathing activity - water vapour permeability

weight: 336 gr/m² (486 gr/m) width: 144 cm

teflon 3 layer softshell

- 90% polyester, 3% spandex, 7% polyurethane

Teflon-finish waterproof, windproof, breathable permeability for perspiration (sweat), thanks to the high quality of the membrane weight: 295gr/m² (426 gr/m) width: 144cm

i am looking at all of these fabrics in the colour choice caramel as i believe this would go well with my colour palette. this fabric would make a fleece jacket that has a removable outer layer which is waterproof, the garments could be worn separately or together.

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