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for this project we must make one full outfit, my initial proposed ideas of what garments this outfit will be made up of are as follows :

merino wool trousers

-to be worn as a baselayer or can be worn on their own

-simple in design, close fitting to the leg

-adjustable ankle cuffs to fit into boots easier

-black in colour

breathable over trousers

-goretex/teflon/tactel finish

-must be windproof, waterproof, breathable

-likely a laminate fabric

-many pockets

-knee reinforcement through repeated lines of tucks (see motorcycle trousers post)

-will connect to the wool trousers at waistband so they are easily worn together

-idea is that both worn together during the day enables wearer to just take off over trousers and sleep in the wool ones

-tabs around ankles to allow them to be tightened

bamboo pants


-designed to combat smell primarily

-bamboo is naturally antibacterial and smell/stain repellent

yoga top/womens top baselayer

-simple high neck tight fitting design

-likely bamboo, same fabric as pants

hooded hemp spandex baselayer

-loose fitting (not tight)

-long sleeves with tighter cuffs for warmth

-high base of hood so that when the hood is down it gathers to create a poler neck, and when worn up the hood covers more of the face, better for warmth, will also have a drawstring around the neck which can be tightened

-3 piece hood

-printed patch with invisible zip for pocket

-black in colour - possibility of using acid dyeing to create terracotta colour

loose fitting t shirt

-simple design

-wide neck


-made to layer over the long sleeve hooded baselayer

-naturally dyed

softshell fleece with zip off waterproof over-coat

-nanotec membrane fleece/similar fabric that has a fleecy pile on one side and jersey on the other

-design of fleece quite 'patagonia-esque' with centrally opening long front zip

-inside and outside pockets

-attachable waterproof coat which connects to fleece

-not hooded but tall collar on fleece

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