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made from 55% organic hemp 40% organic cotton 5% lycra in pure black.


a new print designed after over a year now of making homebrewed wine, frankly, it's become an obsession. the van and workshop lined with bubbling demijons and endless collections of herbs flowers teas and berries ready to ferment. it was time to do a whole drawing dedicated to this new found love. turns out, anything edible and delicious can be fermented and turned into alcohol, i urge you to give it a go ;-) in fact, a white wine and a red wine teatowel are soon to be available and on the packaging i have included a recipe for elderberry wine.


i am particularly happy with the contrast of the plants being printed in gold with the wine bottle and glass printed in bright red.


these are a boxer shorts with no fly design. there is a lined front pouch and under leg gusset. as can be seen on the inside photos, they are pretty much seamless inside for extra comfort and smoothness. 


contrasting soft elastic band in red


please be patient as these boxers are made to order.


sizes -


S - 28-30 waist

M - 30-32

L - 34-36

XL - 38-40


these may be super pretty and sexy but please, dear men, these are not your wank pants. some natural dyes react with hooman juices and the dye can migrate. this is especially the case for yellows, greens and oranges. stronger dye colours include blue, grey and brown. however, please keep these ones nice, i mean they're costing you enough...


hand wash only in cool water with natural detergent

red red wine boxer shorts


    please allow 1-2 weeks for clothing to be made and dispatched as it is all made with patience, love and care. beautiful things take time

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