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various trips 2019-2020

flat land, punctuated by huge stretches of dense wood, gorgeous lakes and pretty towns. painted brick and varnished stone, crooked walls and sloping rooves. buildings so abstract and different from one another that they look totally at home, side by side. huge windows allowing the sunlight to flood the studio rooms within. balconies over the canals filled with billowing plants, racing towards the light, crowding eachother and twisting themselves around the railings.

red paint, white window frames, black brickwork.

green paint, black sills, brown shutters.

terracotta brick, gothic wood decoration, white painted roof.

each building reflected perfectly across the water below, punctured by passing boats, grand and small. the canalside roads a constant flicker of billowing coats, bobble hats and garish rucksacks of the cyclists flying along. picturesque stone bridges caught on phone camera and film thousands of times a day. bustling people so disorganised that somehow they create their own order.

the trill ring of trams as they weave in and out of the crowds, and as you near the central station the throng of people thickens as they hurriedly try to work out what boat they're supposed to catch for the next part of their day.

and onto the boat! a simple, open white and blue design running constantly all day, breaking the otherwise still blue water. arriving at the NDSM wherf to be greeted by huge towering constructions, some completed, some in the process of. everywhere covered with bright and striking graffiti, contrasting against the concrete structures and cranes high in the sky. neon signage, sculptures, retro vehicles, container studios, brightly painted boats. a place rich in artistic talent, design and inspiration.

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