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Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Life's about making things! for the makers, doers and thinkers ... as they say... or something along those lines.

everything at the house of bean is pretty much made from scratch, each colour, print and stitch has been done very patiently by hand. this is because i believe if things are made like this they have more quality and interest to those buy them. creativity is what allows all of these things to exist - colour, print, type, shade, style. without creativity my van wouldn't be yellow, i wouldn't take polaroids, my colour palette wouldn't be 'dusky'.

i want to make colours that people didn't know they suited, and read and see things in my prints that connect with them so deeply that they do actually want to own the t-shirt. creating new garments in this way is a good way to inspire as people enjoy wearing things that make them feel good. creating something and giving it to someone is quite likely to make them want to create something too. and so the cycle goes, transforming minds to think towards the good of handmade.

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