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WELL... i'm not homeless any more! i have an attic room in a house of people I don't know, and the best bit so far is the fact that I have two skylights and the lighting in there is wonderful for working and photographing in. my space is split into two rooms, one is pictured below and I have set this up with my sewing machine below this skylight and all of my other machines and toolery to do dyeing and printing with behind. both rooms have two 45 degree walls... it's a good job i'm short.

it's good to not have to be wondering about aimless in the day because the van is too small and cold, in fact it's wonderful to have all my belongings back finally and setting it up so that i can work and make things to optimum potential. i can't wait to live in a van but it's definitely going to be much bigger than this one and i'm gonna be in a WARM country.

ABOVE : Joe Allison Photography

the MATERIAL and COLOUR boards pictured above are from my second project last year based around Ayahuasca in South America. it's good to have work around my walls again to get inspired, i'm in a much better head space now.

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