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something i have neglected to note about but have been considering is the fact that this project is meant to be designing for part of the adidas outdoor collection. their range is minimal, functional and categorised into hike, run, bike and climb. their current range is quite expensive and geared towards high specification products especially for climbing and biking. they seem to be gearing towards the costlier end of the market. the aesthetic is bright, lightweight and minimal. fabrics high in lustre and sheen.

adidas terrex collection is designed for athletic mountaineering. this provides versatility and minimal weight for the various outdoor sports such as trail running, climbing, biking and paragliding.

'STEALTH' rubber sole TERREX SOLO shoe

i have noted from their site that they also use PrimaLoft technology on some of their fabrics, i keep coming across this name and will research it and try to find samples.

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