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this garment isn't meant to be a show stopper. it's meant to be low-key fantastic because of the materials it's made from and be coloured and dyed in a way that makes people think it's been on hundreds of adventures.

i want lots of random little prints on it to make it more unique and for it to be big enough to be worn on top of other layers, it will be the most coloured and decorated out of all the garments.

the design below i will print on the back centre of the t shirt. it has a lot of personal meaning behind it and for me captures the emotions i had when i moved into my van in january.

the girl is naked, her ribcage exposed and the weeds of her mind are escaping from her neck... yet her hand is up. and the hand is meant to signify that no matter how vulnerable her nakedness makes her, the raised hand shows that she has had enough, and is saying 'no more' to the situation she finds herself in

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