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using £4 pm poly-spandex from trago (colour choices, poor : black, red, hot pink) i have created the first draft of the hooded baselayer.

the testing went well and the shape of the hood is exactly as i had imagined, tight to the head - ideal for sleeping and heat retention and the creation of a poler neck with the hood down. the short drawstring allows tightening if necessary, and aesthetic style.

shape is loose around the body, cuffs tight and underarm gussets neatly tucked away (unfortunately not photographed)

raglan style sleeve shaping joining in a triangle shape at the shoulder seams, sits nicely with neckhole and small hood.

due to the sewing machine used (domestic Husqvarna) the stitching was poor around the seams so the hood looks lumpier on this than it will be in the real garment as i will be using the university industrial flatbed machines.

drawstring holes will have eyelets in real edition, small buttonholes have been used here.

i am happy with the outcome of this toile and it is very comfortable to wear (even in this cheap horrible fabric), i've worn it for two days now! the hood, although small is ideal for its purpose, i have only faced the hole in this toile but will fully line the hood in the final piece.

PHOTOGRAPHY : Emilie Swann BA Fashion Photography

MODEL : Clarissa Ward BA Performance Sportswear Design

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