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when i first started selling house of bean clothing 3 years ago i was dead against branding and using the name instead of artwork because i don't believe a business has a right to sell a garment which only emblazons their name until they're SUPER big. but i kept being asked by people for just 'house of bean' printed garments so i've been coming up with ways of applying the logo without it being boring.

ABOVE : Joe Allison Photography

my most recent range of patchwork jumpers have all got these yellow cotton hand printed labels on, sewn on by machine in black. i'm trying to put them in random places on all of them so some are more discreet while others are more of a feature due to the high contrast of the yellow

ABOVE : patchwork jumper made yesterday featuring yellow label and my logo screen printed vertically down the right sleeve

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Marsha Sloan
Marsha Sloan
Jul 30, 2020

Everything I want to order reads, "Out of stock"


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