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for my toile of the fleece i managed to find a garish camouflage polyester fleece at trago mills for £4 p/yard. this is the result.

good points

- the shaping of the body and sleeve are exactly as i wanted them, a boxy fit but not too oversized so it can't be layered up

- height of collar is ideal as it covers the mouth for warmth

- inverted pocket under the flap went really well and is a decently sized pocket


- zip used was far too chunky (was the only one of the right length and colour that i had) which means the collar foldover doesn't quite work as neatly as it should

- when the zip is partially undone you can see the inside of the collar. i faced it with a 4 inch wide strip of the same fleece which on the final garment needs to be instead a one piece facing with the inside of the collar and overlocked along the raw side in a complimentary colour

- i made the collar by folding a 34 x 52cm piece of fleece in half lengthways and sewing down both sides at once to the neckhole. instead i need to use a single 17 x 52 piece and combine the lining of the collar with the inside zip facing

ABOVE : photographed today at maenporth by the lads i was filming for after painting my van, i found the feel and fit of it comfortable

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