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i need a hood that will be comfortable to sleep in and will maximise the trapped air, keeping the wearer warmer day or night. and yes, because it's so close fitting it does look a bit like a caterpillar.

the high stand below the hood is for the purposes of creating a ruffled poler neck when the hood is worn down, as a layering aesthetic i like this look a lot, but is also practical for warmth retention.

i have sketched below in detail what i want this hood to look like up and down, and how it will sit on the body. tight around the face with a drawstring through two eyelet holes. the fabric is likely to be hemp spandex which has an incredibly dense knit and a 2 way stretch, with a small slub texture. the body will be much looser fitting than the hood but not intended to be worn oversized.

amendments since this drawing

there will only be one stitch line around the hood as the cord will be trapped between this stitch and the front facing seam.

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