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crop top

this garment is intended for girls (evidently) to be worn as a small baselayer/top on it's own. it's main function is to prevent the build up of smells as it is worn so close to the body and sweaty areas. for this reason i have decided the armholes will be angular to reduce fabric around the armhole to stop sweaty fabric feeling cold against the skin, and help prevent smells. it will be made from hemp spandex as this is a naturally hypoallergenic fibre and will be comfortable to wear. it is likely that a garment like this would be worn for a couple of days without actually being taken off, especially when worn in the winter. this is why smell is so important.

tops like this that i have made for the house of bean previously i have marketed as yoga tops and have been cropped to the waist with tight fitting neck and armholes. i buy these tops from an independent manufacturer and dye and print them. i will use these tops to sample the armhole sizes etc. as they are a popular product and sell well. for this reason i want to improve the design of them in order to start making these tops as i have designed.

the main improvement on past design is the zip, i wear my yoga tops quite often and whilst i love them, it is sometimes awkward because they're so tight and have to fit over the head. from my own experience i would find these tops way better if they had an opening system.

i will do one small screen print on the front left and print the logo somewhere also.

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