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Updated: Oct 19, 2017

taking the time to looks deeper into caves and going the scenic way home, life is about exploring as many places, people and times as we can.


travel through (an unfamiliar area) in order to learn about it. "he explored the Fontainebleau forest"

exploring is taking the road less travelled, and finding wonder, awe and beauty in what you find there. the house of bean is inspired by the explorations made both in the van and on foot to the wonderful places that my friends and i go. so many new ideas, concepts and visions are made on these trips because exploration of the world also gives time for exploration of the mind. you can look across the ocean from a hidden coastal path (like the photo i took of my friend above in march this year at gwithian, cornwall) and suddenly a whole new colour palette and design range is just there, perfectly visualised.

the design above was one of the first house of bean designs, simplistic in design and line movement, but printed in the right kind of inks on a perfectly contrasting dyed sweatshirt would look clean and appealing. these kinds of adventure themed sentiments will be common across house of bean designs as it's this kind of lifestyle that the brand wants to promote. a culture of living a life outdoors - climbing more mountains, swimming in more oceans, exploring more cities. the brand is also of course born out the back of a van, so each and every day at the house of bean is an exploration, for the van needs a new place to camp for the owner and co. we are of course trying to promote van living, so excuse us if little drawings of herby the transporter pop up everywhere.

exploring is important. it keeps the mind active and healthy as it permanently feeds your brain with new and exciting things to think and dream about. planning your next adventure to a foreign continent or just the next city is exciting, you find more things because your brain is more receptive to finding them. keeping active at all ages prolongs life expectancy and decreases risks of diseases like dementia. if you spend your whole life wandering the valleys and under the waves they you're likely to see far more many years.

'wanderlust, psychedelia and a free spirited nomadic existence' is what we're inspired by. exploring the world , the mind and the road.

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