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the annotated pair of cad drawings are the final colour-ways for my fleece. both sides of the fleece are usable as the outside, the majority of my fleece will be made with the fluffy side up, except the teal underarms which will have the jersey face facing upwards which will help reduce wear and make this area slightly more durable as it withstands the most pressure.

i have chosen to make the pocket flap in a contrasting yellow from a different material. this will likely be the same hemp bamboo jersey that the t shirt is made from but interfaced on the back to make it not stretchy, it will then be lined in the same fabric. i have chosen this material for it's organicness, matching of the other garment and the natural slub it has matches the handmade aesthetic i want the garment to have.

the pop studs around the neck and cuffs will be 15mm, while the two on the pocket flap will be smaller at 10mm, all in black metal

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