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i want to make a highly breathable waterproof fleece layer which is big enough to wear over other thick layers and has an attachable waterproof shell (in the form of a separate coat)

the fleece will be made from a multilayer softshell ( jersey (right side) - climate membrane (intermediate layer) - microflecce (left side) in two colours, these are pictured below in caramel brown and a teal colour. the fabric is fully waterproof, windproof and breathable and can be used in a single layer without the need for lining. this is quite a strong colour combination and may be hard to find waterproof tapes to match, but also pictured below are 4 samples of tape that i could use.

the collar and cuffs fold back by about 2 inches and have pop studs in the inside so as to allow the waterproof coat to attach neatly and form a hidden seal which won't allow water leakage. these parts will be lined in the same fleece fabric so that the texture is consistent.

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