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i was asked by another sportswear student in third year to test out some of her mountaineering and yoga wear for her final collection. her designs and aesthetic are quite similar to mine so i find her work quite inspirational.

the trousers are fantastic in concept - the waistband is two seperate v shapes at the front which wraps round continually in a loop around the back of the trouser, which is twisted once around the body when worn to create the tied up shaping. this draft isn't particuarly well sized but when done properly i'm stoked to see the result.

the ankles are wrapped up with two oversized ties that come from each side seam and double around the cuffs before tying in a knot. i really like the shape this gives to the leg and how the drape of this stretch polyester hangs with being tied up.

the top has been fantastically made, with sheer areas of fine netting and the body made from a fleece backed jersey - super super soft and insulating. my favourite design feature on the top is the way the left cuff has been constructed with the two neat slots for the thumb and a watch face. my only criticism here was the binding around the holes it too rigid and a little uncomfortable.

the fit of the top is really good and the way the panels are constructed around the body seem carefully considered and look good as well as feeling nice. the back has a sort of diamond geometric shape centrally. the lapseams are very neat and flat, heavily reducing the bulk as with most t shirts, i wasn't wearing this for long but i think if i was it would be very easy to wear.

GARMENTS : Georgia Morely BA Performance Sportswear Design

PHOTOGRAPHY : Emilie Swann BA Fashion Photography

MODEL : Clarissa Ward BA Performance Sportswear Design

Falmouth University 2018

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