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initial designs for the hooded baselayer

the bottom right design is closest to how the final garment will look

features :

-made from hemp spandex (45% hemp, 50% cotton, 5% spandex)

-tall neck section of hood, the more fabric there is in this area the warmer the neck will stay, which is important when keeping warm in a van. being able to 'hide' inside the hood will retain a lot of heat from the body and would also be comfortable for sleeping in

-drawstring around base of hood allows further tightening of this area

-raglan cut sleeves, allows more movement in the upper arm

-underarm gusset probably made from some soft of fine bamboo fabric as this will help prevent sweat build up and the area smelling

-patch on front with screen printed artwork, conceals an invisible zip along the top for use as a phone/card pocket

-longline length with slightly longer back to front

-3 piece hood gives a rounder shape to the top and more comfort when sleeping with the hood up

-tighter cuffs made from same fabric, this helps trap body heat and reduces chance of cuffs getting wet - for example with standard hemmed sleeves when these get wet they rub against the skin, but a tighter cuff keeps the fabric away from the hand and less likely to get grubby

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