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helping out a 2nd year Press & Editorial Photography student Joe Allison with his final year film about the manufacturing of sustainable clothing & fashion. out of all the projects i'm currently working on for other people i'm probably most stoked about this one because the footage will be (and has been as i received today) very useful for the house of bean.

we did one short casual photoshoot on monday in my house in falmouth, i'm lucky to have a big skylight and it was a sunny day so lighting was good in there (also thanks to Joe). i went through the processes of cutting a new stencil for a screen and applying it, printing a few garments, naturally dyeing and acid dyeing garments for his photos. i barely even noticed he was there for the whole time, he honestly did his job really well.

as anticipated i am so happy with the first results from this shoot and have already used some for my main shop website. i believe we are going to have a few more afternoons like this in the future and i'm really excited to see the film that Joe puts together from all this, as i really like his work so far.

check out his instagram @joeallisonphoto and his website

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