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i have taken quite a lot of inspiration from how motorcycle trousers look and function to think about what kind of trousers i could create for the house of bean. trousers for biking must have high flexibility but must provide incredible wind and cold protection for the rider when they're travelling at high speeds at low temperatures. these trousers are usually made from something like leather, oilskin, garbadine or kevlar for example to provide the ultimate safety garment for the incident of the rider coming off the bike.

the trousers shown above have a slim-leg shape but have a separate panel for the front shin so that extra coverage is given for the knee. the densely pleated areas increase the thickness and strength of the fabric, whilst also allowing it some flexibility. the wide pleats in the centre of the pockets allow movement but keep the pocket tight and safe. the slim leg allows the trousers to fit nicely inside the boot.

i really like this relatively simple method of making an outer-trouser fit the shin well. reducing air space between the fabric and the leg lessens wind chill and will help keep the wearer warmer. it also allows them to be styled more to the person if they want something tighter or much looser.

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