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you usually get called mad when you live in a van. and this is sometimes because the clothing you throw on at 7am looks absolutely ridiculous because you couldn't see a thing anyway and you care even less. however, sometimes i am aware that i look fucking ridiculous, and this isn't great for self esteem.

i want to keep the colour palette for this project quite small and not too 'out-there'. essentially, to create a range of garments that you could all wear interchangeably with each other as you won't look too mad.

ABOVE : me wearing a pair of joggers from the earthpositive collection that i printed with my mexican snake print, one of my most successful prints for this area as the shape lends itself well. i have created a simple colour palette based from my colour version of the snake print (this image in colour can be purchased in sticker form).

the black will serve as the base colour, as black goes with everything and is simple, clean, and doesn't look dirty too quickly. keeping it basic i want to pair this with a muted khaki/teal green. the accented colours will then be in terracotta and mustard yellow (picking out the iconic van colour)

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