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when i initially designed these trousers i had these features in mind for the 'under' trousers, but after considering the aspects of them I think this style and shape suits more to being made from a waterproof/breathable fabric and used as over trousers. the idea is that they have room underneath to wear a pair of merino wool trousers, and when going to bed in a van you can just take off the 'over' pair and sleep in the warm woolly ones without having to get undressed.

i took ideas for the design of these by looking at motorcycle gear and seeing how they make them more rigid/durable. one aspect i really liked was using tucks to create a textured area which would strengthen the fabric and provide a nice aesthetic. the top middle design shows these tucks in a diagonal pattern, but having considered this, if the fabric has any sort of stretch along the bias then diagonally sewn tucks may warp the material and not work. because of this I have decided to just use horizontal tucks around the front of the knees (not the back as this would restrict movement and make the area too rigid)

the bottom design is most accurate to how my final design will look

features :

-goretex/teflon/tactel finish for durability


-3 channel elastic waistband (using 5mm elastic in each channel)

-buttonholes in centre front of middle channel to allow a decorative drawstring cord to pass

-deep side pockets made from 1 piece of fabric

-centrally vertical single tuck giving idea and shape of tailored trousers

-tab around cuff with metal buttons, this allows the outside side seam to wrap accross around the front of the leg to make the cuff smaller

-patch utility pocket with central box pleat for more space

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