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styling and detailing of the trousers i intend to make from a fine waterproof membrane fabric, here made in a heavy viscose twill.

three pockets (two at side seams) and one large pleated patch pocket on right side, the fabric lent itself well to the drape of the pockets here. the waistband is sewn into three channels for 5mm elastic to pass through, making it quite a sturdy and wide waistband. there are two button holes sewn in the front intended for a rouleau strap to pass through and be a decorative drawstring, this is optional.

the tuck detailing across the knees and down the legs give a structure to the trousers that make them look a little like cargo/combat trousers, i like this aesthetic, especially in this colour.

like the wool trousers, there are tabs around the ankles with buttons so they tuck into your doc martens real nice.

PHOTOGRAPHY : Emilie Swann BA Fashion Photography

MODEL : Clarissa Ward BA Performance Sportswear Design

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