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the exciting thing about this garment isn't really the design, although this of course is important, it's more the gusset will be made from 3D dimple bamboo silvadur impregnated fabric which will prevent smell and fluid build up.

H O W E V E R . . . the toile

a simple three piece pattern with gusset and elasticated waistband (could only find a garish tone of aqua unfortunately). the cut is quite high as this makes you feel warmer and is probably more flattering for more body shapes. because of the 3 panels there is a lot of curvature under the crotch so they're super comfy, the high waist adds to this.

i did a 10mm hem with a zig zag stitch on a domestic machine around the leg holes, but i think for the real version i will potentially use the coverseam machine for neatness around seams and reducing bulk around the gusset area (the less fabric around the side seams of the gusset the better)

i've worn them for a day and no complaints yet ...

PHOTOGRAPHY : Emilie Swann BA Fashion Photography

MODEL : Clarissa Ward BA Performance Sportswear Design

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