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a range of fabrics sourched from that may be suitable for the types of products i want to create

yellow bamboo jersey

- suitable for baselayers and underwear as bamboo is antibacterial and stain/smell repellent

- 60% stretch across the grain and 80% down the grain, with 99% recovery and four-way stretch

ivory fluffy wool

- good for sweatshirts, baselayers (underlayer for trousers?)

- 60% stretch across the width (95% recovery, though this depletes with further stretching) and 30% lengthwise

- 54% acrylic 22% polyester 24% virgin wool. 152cm wide

black organic cotton fleece

- good for sweatshirts, baselayers

- 20% stretch with 97% recovery, and stretches two-way

- 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton. 1.8m wide. 330gsm

black organic cotton slub jersey

- looser fitting garments that don't require much fit eg. t shirt

- 31% stretch across the width (98% recovery) and 20% stretch lengthwise

- 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton. 1.6m wide. Approx 180gsm

cream organic cotton ribbed jersey

- ideal for baselayers, available in black or cream, cream could be dyed and lovely effects achieved

- 100+% stretch and 100% recovery, with only approximately 30% stretch lengthwise

- 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton. 1.3m wide. Approx 180gsm

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