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Ready-AbZORB™ Zorb® 3D Bamboo Dimple LITE Silver Fabric with SILVADUR™

highly absorbant, moisture wicking, completely organic and antibacterial due to the silver content, this fabric is probably the best for making a garment which can be worn a lot and not feel uncomfortable or start to smell because of sweat.

i have chosen the 'lite' version of the fabric (280gsm as opposed to 440gsm) as it has the same properties but being finer it will work better as a lining. i will use it to make the gusset of the pants from and to line the underarm gussets of the long sleeve baselayer. black is more appropriate for this use as the baselayer is black and for pants i think it is more practical to be black than white.

unfortunately it is only available in the US (also made there - good for ethics) so buying a yard will cost $40 including shiiping but because it's such a good fabric i still want to use it.

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