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i have been lucky enough to have been given some sustainable fabric samples from my third year that i'm helping as part of my course. her fabrics and ethics are very similar to the ones i want to incorporate into the house of bean, and the companies she's been talking to sent her samples, she was very kind to give me some.

the 100% recycled lining from finisterre comes in many colours and it's what they use to line their quilted coats. it is very lightweight but extremely strong and ripstop. i have been given just under a metre and a half of the terracotta fabric and will use this to line my waterproof jacket.

the sympatex membranes are designed to be the outer shell for a garment, and can be adhered to any knit or woven fabrics. if i could get hold of 1 1/2 metres i would love to use this fabric to make my waterproof overtrousers but i am not sure if i will be able to get it.

merino wool blended with biodegradable polyester - this is incredibly rare expensive fabric that has just been developed by Global Merino. it has fantastic wicking qualities and works differently depending on which way round you use the fabric. unfortunately this fabric is too expensive for me to use in my garments.

100% recycled lycra - this would be great to make the pants and womens crop top, but i would prefer a nicer aesthetic to the fabric as lycra has a very particular 'shiny' look which isn't that suitable for the house of bean.

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