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the sympatex membrane

- compact hydrophilic membrane

- completely safe copolymer (oxygen, carbon, hydrogen) made of polyester and polyether

- 5 µm to 25 µm membrane thickness

- 100% waterproof

- optimal breathable

- 100% windproof

- CO2, oxygen and water vapour permeable

- can be stretched by up to 300%

- elastic properties

- easy care, poreless membrane, insensitive to dirt and detergent residues, no adverse effect on the membrane function

- durably waterproof, regardless of whether it is washed, dry cleaned, subjected to permanent kinking, or soiled by fuel or oil

- excellent protection from viruses, bacteria and bodily fluids

- resistance to various chemicals

- suitable as a medical product due to its biocompatibility

- thermal protection

- protection from condensation

sympatex materials come in 2, 2½, 3, and 4-layer laminates (5 – 25 µm) to suit specific technical requirements. it is connected to a wide range of possible base materials such as woven fabrics, knitwear, fleece, foam or leather to form a laminate for a specific application.

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