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yesterday i put together my toile for the simple tee shirt. i found a yard of palm tree print jersey in my fabric collection and thought this would be a suitable sample material to use, it has a very similar weight to the hemp bamboo jersey. it also proved that i only need less than a yard to create this garment.

overall was very pleased with this, the bit that worked better than anticipated was the neck binding to create the flat edge which has been applied on this garment in the same fabric. i did it by cutting a 2.5cm strip of jersey along the stretch and applying it as you would bias binding without the ironed fold. (method : sew one long side 10mm from edge matched along neckhole with right sides together, fold binding over itself and fold over the back, sew 2mm from folded edge trapping exess in at back.

i was happy with the shaping and how boxy it is, as it is meant to be oversized but not too long so it covers the bum. sleeves have very dropped seams at the shoulders creating a slouchy look, the V seaming on the front is simple yet effective and will suit being done in two colours to create contrast.

i used the coverseam machine upside-down to hem the sleeves and the bottom hem, as well as flattening the top shoulder seams towards the back. this effect looks like overlocking but on top of the fabric and i really like this look and it adds to the natural aesthetic. for the final garment i will use 2 or 3 shades of fabric with the stitching done in the most complimentary colour out of those being used.

PHOTOGRAPHY : Giorgio Valente BA Fashion Design

MODEL : Clarissa Ward BA Performance Sportswear Design

ABOVE : CAD drawings (to scale) of the t shirt pattern. the zig zag pattern implies the coverseam machine stitching.

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