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Updated: Oct 16, 2017

looking into the word 'transform' and how it translates into my design process

moving emotionally or physically through a phase which will have an eventual outcome. to shift from one time or place to another requires factors to aid the process to make it as easy as possible, for example the transformation from winter to spring is gradual. the snow stops, the light gets brighter, the days get longer and the process is slow and simple.

in terms of garment design, the most obvious form of transformation is how the wearer feels when they are using the product, does it help them to do what they want to do, is it aiding them in their goal for where they want to be mentally and physically. in real terms this translates to trying to deign garments that immediately give the user a sense that they are ready for adventure, a jumper that can be put on and evoke feelings of preparedness, comfort, warmth (or cooling) and a sense that they are ready to explore.

colours also play an important role in terms of what emotions are provoked, wearing a jumper in various shades of grey and green with screenprinted artwork of a forest create a vibe of the outdoors, so wearing the garment might make the person feel like they want to go on a big walk wearing that jumper.

transformations can also include turning something old into something new and more exciting, old clothes can be cut up and patched together to create a big new poncho which has more artistic and emotional value than the individual previous items. this can also hold nostalgic value as it allows something that might not have any use left in it to have a new life with an alternative purpose. upcycling and reusing items are important when living outdoors as material possessions are fewer and so what gets kept must have real function and value.

our mind sets also transform and evolve over time. our habits and how we want to live will shift as we grow older and come to realise where we want to be. the house of bean is primarily selling to adventurers, makers and doers - those who like to live outside. the brand is run from the back of a small converted van, and the transformation to make a person familiar to living in a house to then living in a van is great one, and requires a lot of understanding of what it means to live on the road and at the peril of whatever lies ahead. the artwork printed on the garments reflect this, as each one has been drawn with van life and experimentation in mind. the artwork is there to make people think, to make them consider what life might be like if if it was just them, four wheels and the open road.

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