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a simple garment, drafted in fine wool blend twill weave fabric. the waistband is facing, handsewn inside for neatness. the front has two small box pleats while there are two darts on the back, this fit is way more for a woman than unisex but a male version could also be made.

slim leg as these are intended to be worn as undertrousers (considered more as an insulating layer than actual trousers) so have no external pockets and minimal detail. button loops around ankles help them tuck into boots better and keep you warmer.

invisible zip sewn into left hand side seam, again reducing bulk and making them comfier.

again... worn for a day and have been very warm and comfortable, the fit is quite 'classy' - i had a few comments...

PHOTOGRAPHY : Emilie Swann BA Fashion Photography

MODEL : Clarissa Ward BA Performance Sportswear Design

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