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this afternoon was spent in the glorious sunshine at maenporth beach drawing on my van using posca pens. the excuse for this is 3 lovely lads on press & editorial at falmouth university who for their final project are making a '10 minute vice style documentary on van dwellers'. for this i've met them for one filming day already which was a casual interview held in my van, and today we planned for me to paint my van as they filmed and did another light interview.

we chose the perfect day to do it and the sun shone right until 6pm when it dipped behind the trees. parked directly in the sunshine at maenporth they got some really awesome footage. below are my amateur attempts at photographing my work as i did it today. there's a lot more to add - for example those rabbits legs are pretty deformed and need more foliage around them. there is also a mexican skeleton man wearing a sombrero on the right drivers door holding a white sign emblazoning 'ROAD TO NOWHERE'.

i'm going to complete it the next time the sun shines, so could be tomorrow or 3 weeks

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