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i intend to make a pair of slim fitting black woolen trousers, to be worn as an underlayer, solo or to sleep in when in a van. they need to be minimal so they are comfortable in all of these scenarios and will just have one internal coin pocket sewn in at the waistband.

the tabs around the cuffs enable them to be made even more slim to the leg, as the fabric i want to use has very little stretch. this makes the trousers better when worn underneath another pair, and for tucking into big boots / socks.

the trousers i have drawn realistically are for women, as this is what i will be making for my final collection. however a male version could easily be made just by altering the wasist, hip and dart measurements to better suit male proportions.

the sample fabric i have included is 90% wool, 7% angora 3% elastane. is is of medium thickness but high lustre and softness and would be very comfortable to wear. the colour is black - i don't intend this garment to make much of a statement, it's meant to be understated.

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