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having remembered distant textiles a-level lessons about microencapsualtion and the use of silver in medical textiles to make the them antimicrobial, i have spent some time researhing how i can get my hands on fabrics like these.

zorb, proEco, proSoft and silvadur are brandnames that create organic fabrics which are highly hypoallergenic and prevent the build up of smells whilst being highly absorbant

i want to atleast have one application of one of these fabrics, most likely as the gusset lining for the ladies pants, as this fabric will stop the underwear from smelling and absorb any fluids without letting them leak and stain

zorb II dimples fabric

- super absorbent reversible fabric with a face and back of 70% bamboo 30% organic cotton combined with a thirsty inner filling of zorb fibres

- absorbs 10x its weight in moisture at rates nearly 20x faster than cotton, bamboo and hemp

- unique, three-dimensional engineered dimple pattern provides greater retention, superior hold, faster distribution of moisture and less leaking under compression

pre activated pro-eco ® organic cotton sherpa with silvadur ™

- premium luxurious versatile knit fabric with a napped face and a soft smooth back

- perfect for ice and tie-dye-ing

- antimicrobial, using silver ions to inhibit bacteria growth and help reduce odour

ready-AbZORB™ Zorb® 3D bamboo dimple LITE silver fabric with SILVADUR™

- Zorb® Silver inhibits the growth of odor and infection-causing bacteria

- safe antimicrobial protection

- 280 GSM / 8.3 OSY | 60" wide

- same as above but from US supplier that states the silvadur content, i am unsure if it's the same fabric. theis is the LITE version.

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