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the hemp based way to protect yourself from leaks, odour and dampness during menstrual cycles and incontinence. these have been tested and tried and found to be functional for both of these things. get your freedom and comfort back by being able to wear attractive hemp blend knickers during times where some of us can feel less than sexy....


55% organic hemp 40% organic cotton 5% lycra jersey with a gusset made from 3 layers of cotton dimple fabric microencapsulated with silver to prevent odour, or without silver, depending on your preference. if odour prevention is what you're worried about then i recommend the silver microencapsulation. 


the gusset fabric is prewashed before making into these pants to activate the absorbency but the more you wash these pants the more effective they become!


these are rated upto 12 hours, on a particularly heavy flow please check earlier. everyone is different but testing so far has shown 12 hours protection with medium/heavy flow. please note this is not a 100% guarantee, as we are all different. also suitable for overnight wearing.


no more need for tampons, pads, liners, mooncups, pee pads or any other similar product. no more disposable plastic products

no more unecessary waste

no more panic on a night out without your single use product

no more worry of ruining those nice trousers


hemp leakproof pants will help you!!


you can choose your own size and print, no print is cheaper.


printed in gold, ink is handmade in the UK, waterbased and non toxic.


please note that depending on your size the placement and amount of designs will vary, photographed is a W28 H34


must be treated carefully, please rinse under the tap before putting in the washing machine to empty the gusset. wash on 30 degree wash WITHOUT SOFTENER. air dry in the shade.

high waisted leakproof period pants

  • these are best washed by hand using natural detergent in cool water. love your naturally dyed hemp!

please allow 1-2 weeks for clothing to be made and dispatched as it is all made with patience, love and care. beautiful things take time

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