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first print run of my new favourite design, a seed of life emblem also incorporating amanita mushrooms, liberty caps and hemp leaves. the metallic gold print works so well on the mottled green pattern beneath, certainly a striking print!


55% organic hemp 45% organic cotton fleece with 100% organic cotton fluff, naturally dyed tie-dye style dark green, orange, beige and lighter green. this jumper has a much more asymetric feel to some of my others, and with so many stripes and colours it's really got a lovely feel to it. generally this one is quite hard to capture in the photos, as for some reason the colour combination of green orange and gold can be incredibly difficult to edit to look right. i can honestly say these photos do not do justice at all to the real thing!


another note on colour is the mottled green, i was trying to go for a less hippie tie dye effect with the dark colours and i'm quite pleased how it turned out, and definitely makes the piece even more one-off. it is done by leaving the indigo to sit in a crumple for a bit after dyeing so the dye gathers in some bits but not others making just a two colour marble sort of pattern.


inverted pockets made from upcycled vintage cotton printed fabric (the visible bit) and 100% hemp canvas dyed black, pockets go all the way down to the bottom hem so they're nice and deep!


fluffy collar in three colours, orange green and brown.


back features all four colours and has the third one down printed with dark green ink a row of shrooms. the top of the back is fluffy with the other three being fleece.


lower hem printed with house of bean logo


asymetric sleeves, one has horizontal stripe and the other vertical. one is orange and light green, other is beige with light green, elasticated cuffs.


ink is handmade in the UK, waterbased and non toxic.


XL size, please see size guide


natural dyes must be treated carefully, please hand wash with natural detergent and air dry out of the sun.

seed of life hemp & cotton jumper XL

  • these are best washed by hand using natural detergent in cool water. love your naturally dyed hemp!

please allow 1-2 weeks for clothing to be made and dispatched as it is all made with patience, love and care. beautiful things take time

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